About Ojp

Jody's extensive experience overseeing procedures, compliance, and resource management at a high level has illuminated a significant gap in the market—an area she's fervently committed to addressing.

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  • Experience

    Bringing a wealth of expertise, Jody has spearheaded a thriving in-home care service in the Illawarra Region for over 12 years, showcasing her prowess as a leader. Her journey spans successful business inception, management, and growth within this domain. As a qualified and AHPRA-accredited Endorsed Enrolled Nurse with over two decades of nursing practice, Jody specialises in aged and palliative care, epitomising a commitment to excellence in healthcare provision. All of her expertise culminates with meeting extensive compliance obligations.

  • Passion

    My aim is to support minority groups in business, including women, the LGBTIQ+ community, Indigenous entrepreneurs, and individuals with disabilities. I will strive to provide crucial one-time assistance, empowering them to navigate essential tasks vital to their business operations. By offering this support, my aim is to grant them the freedom to allocate more time towards both their business endeavors and personal lives.

  • Understanding

    I empathise with the challenges of juggling various responsibilities while striving to expand a business, run a household and be a mum.
    Through my services, I aim to assist fellow entrepreneurs in efficiently managing and nurturing their business growth. Moreover, my interest extends beyond the home care sector; I aspire to collaborate with any minority-owned and operated small businesses. Working alongside such enterprises is a heartfelt goal of mine, aiming to contribute meaningfully to their success and growth.