Aged Care Individual Standards

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Discover our aged care standards, covering a spectrum of vital focus areas crucial for exceptional care provision:

1. **Consumer Dignity and Choice:** 

Upholding the dignity and respecting the choices of each individual receiving care, ensuring a personalised and respectful approach.

2. **Ongoing Assessment and Planning:** 

Continuous assessment and tailored planning to meet evolving care needs, ensuring a dynamic and responsive approach to care delivery.

3. **Personal Care and Clinical Care:** 

Providing high-quality, personalised personal and clinical care services tailored to the unique needs of each resident or care recipient.

4. **Services and Supports for Daily Living:** 

Offering a range of comprehensive services and support systems essential for daily living, promoting independence and well-being.

5. **Organisation’s Service Environment:** 

Creating a nurturing and safe environment conducive to the well-being of residents and staff, prioritising comfort and safety.

6. **Feedback and Complaints:** 

Establishing robust feedback and complaints mechanisms to actively listen to concerns and continuously improve service quality.

7. **Human Resources:** 

Ensuring a skilled, compassionate, and adequately resourced workforce through effective recruitment, training, and support.

8. **Organisational Governance:** 

Implementing robust governance structures and processes to maintain accountability, transparency, and compliance with regulatory standards.

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